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Table of Contents

Tang Dynasty Female Forensic Doctor by Xiu Tang

Chapter 12: The Dengni Ink Stone

Chapter 13: Hua Lou Hou

Chapter 14: Caixiu House

Chapter 15: Meat Pie Crushes People To Death (1)

Chapter 16: Meat Pie Crushes People To Death (2)

Chapter 17: Fourth Master Qin

Chapter 18: Enemies on a Narrow Road

Chapter 19: Beauty

Chapter 20: A'ye (Father)

Chapter 21: Zheng Clan of Xingyang

Chapter 22: Can You Do Autopsies?

Chapter 23: A Fool or Disguising as a Pig to Eat the Tiger?

Chapter 24: Analysing the Scene

Chapter 25: Damned Rabbit

Chapter 26: Exceptional Beauty at a Glance

Chapter 27: Marriage News

Chapter 28: Tea Party Invitation Card

Chapter 29: Turning Up Uninvited

Chapter 30: The Qin Family Does Not Lack Money

Chapter 31: Hide and Seek

Chapter 32: Incident

Chapter 33: Revealing One's Talents

Chapter 34: Killing Flowers

Chapter 35: Provincial Governor Liu

Chapter 36: Cloudy Layers of Suspicion

Chapter 37: Bringing One Person Along

Chapter 38: Late Night Autopsy

Chapter 39: Ambush in the Thick Forrest

Chapter 40: Provincial Governor's Reward

Chapter 41: Yin Miao-miao’s Visit

Chapter 42: Something Bad has Happened

Chapter 43: A Suspect

Chapter 44: Pulling Wool Over the Eyes

Chapter 45: Great Tang's First Dissection

Chapter 46: Tenth Master Yunsheng

Chapter 47: Who is Yin Wanwan

Chapter 48: House Call

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